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Sunday, March 17, 2013

League Assignment: I'm seeing red!


This week's assignment from the good ol' League of Extraordinary Bloggers:  I'm Seeing Red

Boy am I ever...this pic came out better than I thought it would showcased a few of my favorite franchises and all of the crimson adorned goodness to come along with them.  I was thinking of doing red-skinned guys for Star Wars like Nikto, Weequay and Admiral Ackbar but I just stuck with red suits or red bots.  Strange that a lot of these are my favorite figures as well...You gotta love Optimus, Powerglide and Warpath...Wild Weasel and Crimson Guard are possible my hands down favorites of the Joe collection and the Firebat is a simple but killer Cobra vehicle.  That Emperor's Royal Guard is a fan fave as well...that pike was a mother to track down at a not-insane price as well.


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  1. That HISS tank driver was one of my favorite figures as a kid. Great pic!

    1. I envy you if you managed to still have him with the silver cobra logo on it.


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