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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

League Assignment: Guilty Pleasures

Following the League's previous footsteps of Nerd Confessions, we add another shameful notch to our pelts of humiliation...

  After looking at the list, I realized these were mostly things I share with my wife since we got together...For your consideration, in no particular order.

Evey Sunday at 9 on Philly 6ABC's Million Dollar Movie...

Hallmark Channel Movies

Golden Girls

N.W.A. (seriously, I'm 30 and its 2013)

High Times Magazine...if its there, I'll read it.

Dance Moms...very slowly, I'm learning their names.  Dear God, why?

The Haunted for Pets on Animal Planet...great first season.

Weird Al Yankovic, I freaking love him!  First cassette tape I ever owned.

Watching the crazy shit Dr. Jack and Rexella van Impe had to say on their show.

Yanni...the man has talent, straight up.

The PuppyBowl, this Grinch's heart grows three sizes on Superbowl Sunday...too bad it's rigged or I'd totally throw some money on that action.

Too Cute! Like the Puppy Bowl only syndicated.

Martha Stewart on Create TV, Her voice is smoother than Ambien, baby.

All my Children...why did they ever cancel that show???

Hellions is watching some nighttime Soaps!
Cal is playing with dolls!
Achievements in Gaming is tapping some Mana!

What are you up to?
Check out C&C to see what the rest of the League has to report.

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