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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

List-O-Rama: Top 15 music videos that creeped me out.

Talking recently about video's and content and striking visuals, I decided to rekindle some old video memories and what better than to talk about the weirder ones.  These range in no particular order but go from stuff that left me slightly perturbed to freaked right the hell out.  Most of these were from my high school years but I've ranged it and will say a little about each of the 15 I have chosen.  Btw, This isn't the first time I've talked about music...or weirdness, check out my top video game music post, my mixtape post, or my strangest Liquid Television shorts if you have the time!  Enjoy campers. 

SoundGarden: Black Hole Sun - Apocalyptic setting, the band is the most normal thing here.  They actually edited this video to make it weirder and creepier.  I remember this airing without the digital alterations.  The frozen smiles are what sink in the hook and the only non-distorted face is the girl drooling ice cream.  Yum. I remember thinking good for the bugs when they swarm the little brats.

U.N.C.L.E.: Rabbit in your headlight - I've had nightmares like this...very unsettling.  I remember being so psyched when I saw this CD in a friends basement.  Props to him...not too many UNCLE or DJ Shadow CDs floating around Scranton in 1999.

Ramona Falls: I Say Fever - The paper cut out look always gets to me.   I think this is what Franz Ferdinand was going for and failed at in their "Take me Out" debut.

Tori Amos: Spark - My wife's favorite creepy video.  Very haunting and you sense the danger.  The camera angles, the bare feet, you can FEEL the cold and isolation here. The video leaves it open too at the end if she really does get away and is a rare case where you wish the video lasted a minute longer, or do you?

MGMT: Kids - I know the toddler was okay when they made this but I feel so bad for him on so many levels.  I wonder if this is what the world really seems like to children in settings with drug abuse or violence where everything is out to get them.  There's way more going on here than scary monsters...it's a true blood-and-guts critique of everything we've built around our selves...if we are damned, what of the children...btw, the quote in the beginning is Nietzsche, not Twain.

Interpol: Evil - My buddy at work turned me on to this great band.   They have more haunting music than this but honestly...the puppet really breaks into the uncanny valley and works with a human deconstruction that makes your skin crawl.  Almost like a real accident victim where so much of their personality and humanity is stripped away to the bare-bones of a vessel clinging to life at the end of a thread. 

Death in Vegas: Dirt - Saw this on 12 Angry Viewers on MTV in 10th grade.  Creeeped me out.  Lotta cliché shit in here but it worked for me then.  Still pretty hellish and I would not want to be wherever this is.

Stone Temple Pilots: Sour Girl - Soul Girl...and scaryyy little demon babies dancing around with a Ring inspiring background.  Nice. Props to my wife for the recommendation.

Genesis: Land of Confusion - God Almighty this is straight from Satan himself.   These puppets are the freakiest things...the mouth on Madonna's stomach??? What is going on.  That Reagan face is the stuff of nightmares.

Nine Inch Nails: Happiness in Slavery - The real link is below...this is the only closest thing I can find on Youtube....Pretty much a naked man being tortured to death into a pile of meat...shown at the end of the video.  I remember this on a special DVD collection and it got a lotta shit for it and rumors (pre-internet) of the guy really being murdered in the video. You gotta love those ridiculous stories...like the dead kid in the background of Three Men and a...yeah yeah yeah.


Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer - I never thought Peter Gabriel would do a song about my penis... but really, Fruit with faces and creepy stopmotion does the trick for getting into the rank...the "Teeny little Superguy" animation on the gospel choir makes it all worth it.  Not scary but definitely weird.

Aphex Twin: Come to Daddy - Chris Cunningham has the devil on speed-dial and this is what the devil told him to put in his video...Oh my God....

The Faint: Agenda Suicide - Visually Striking, reminds me of the Mad Men intro.  Good flash animation and dark settings.  Not a shabby song either.

Woz not Woz: Hello Dad, I'm in Jail! - Saw this on Liquid Television and Geez Louize quite a chaotic mix of insanity and night terror. Fun to Sing though or blast out your windows...hey, they did blast it out their windows in "Pump Up the Volume"...poor Christian Slater, where are you now?

Metallica: One - Saw this on Beavis and Butthead of all places but the spliced in footage of  Johnny Got His Gun really made me a fan of Dalton Trumbo for life.  Such a terrifying premise.  It was so dark that I couldn't believe they'd show something like that on TV...I was 10 and naïve.