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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween post! Video games, Star Wars and GI Joe!

Many pirates, ninjas, and pirate-ninjas in class today.
This Halloween has indeed been a strange one.  At my school, I witnessed my kids go from an instantaneous flux of excited to bummed out to blown away as some arrived in costume after our two days off from the flood hysteria in Northeast PA (Scranton area got relatively nothing...especially nothing worth cancelling two days of school over, God bless those who are still dealing with this terrible situation) to find that Halloween in school for today was cancelled (awwwwwwwww) and then were told that costume day was pushed to Friday with an early dismissal..."Wait...what's that??? Two Halloweens??? SWEEEET!!!!"  It was very fun to watch. 

This was coming into school while still high on the fumes from the  news of Lucasfilm being acquired by Disney which could only mean great things...Episode VII, new story with Lucas only consulting, the possibility of a Star Wars TV show a la Avengers and the upocming Joss Whedon written S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series (which has solidified my belief that Disney has a golden touch), an OTC cartoon, Indiana Jones being resurrected in a not horrible digital monkey sorta way...cannot wait. Only bummer is I hope this doesn't kill the Clone Wars (which it might..at least their stay on Cartoon Network) and I hope Disney's less than humorous legal division doesn't put the axe on Redlettermedia guys. 

On top of that amazing mind blowing news, I apparently am the last person in the world to see that Kre-O is releasing GI Joe building sets!!!  I'm not sold on the whole series but I need to get my hands on a Trubble-Bubble and a F.A.N.G. chopper.

I have especially been getting into the All Hallow's Eve spirit through the joys of video games.  I took advantage of the XBox Live Halloween special and downloaded Resident Evil IV HD....God, that opening past is amazing...I was on the edge of the couch as those villagers stalk you from room to room of the village...the awkwardness of the controls really heighten the tension and make you all the more frantic.  Between playing that I resurrected the amazing creepy and atmospheric game Dead Space and pretty much gave myself a panic attack the last three nights, especially on Monday when the 50 mph winds were raging outside my dark living room.  If you want to be frozen in terror, play that game on anything above easy...even medium gives you an impossibly tense scenario. 

Beyond any of these games if you want to scare the bejeezus out of yourself, download and play Amnesia: the Dark Descent.  For a game that is obviously technologically limited, it shines in doing what it is made to do...give the helpless player an enveloping sense of dread and fear while the mostly unseen creatures lumber in the dark and hunt you.  You owe it to yourself to give this game a download and start freaking yourself and your digitized character out.

Anyway, hope you all had a great Halloween!


  1. RE4 is the scariest Resident Evil game, hands down. I nearly shit my pants when I encountered the first chainsaw guy.

  2. I was in training at the college on Halloween. And either everyone was at the noon Halloween Costume party kegger or no one was in the Halloween spirit. I did however see a dude dressed as Jack Sparrow. He looked cool. Just like him.



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