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Sunday, October 7, 2012

G1 fun! News and state of the collection!

There's just a ton of things I'd like to speak of regarding those who are more than meets the eye.

I was able to grab 4 targetmasters over the past weekend: Sunbeam and  Zigzag (still in the mail) for Needlenose (whose main bot I'm yet to get)  and Hairsplitter and Singe for Spinister who I was able to complete.  Honestly, there's nothing quite like the feeling of putting that last piece into place in an action figure set.  I get this feeling as I find one more piece of Jetfire's armor, that last helicopter blade for my Joe Tomahawk, the top glass bubble for Jabba the Hutt's playset.   It's just so fulfilling!


 So beyond finding these awesome little Targetmasters (whom I am liking more and more) I also was able to find Onslaught, Motormaster, Blades and Groove for very fair prices.  Although I will be looking for some better reprolabels off transformerkingdom.com if I can get around to it because, especially among the protectobots, they look pretty shot.  (I'll show them off once they are cleaned up and look a bit more presentable)  I'm also going to have to bite the bullet and invest in another decent sized shelf for the growing G1 collection...as of now I have 3 small shelves and a table top mostly for Joe vehicles that is sharing every free inch for Seeker Jets, Sky lynx, clones, Blaster and so forth.

A modern day excalibur...he will be mine...oh yes.

Beyond the nice additions to the collection, I saw the news regarding a whole mess of awesome G1 encore, masterpiece and reissue news over at BBTS.  First and foremost, Fortress Maximus will be getting an import re-release complete with massive Japanese Sword for 329.99 if you're willing to wait on longer shipping!  (the express will run you 399.99 but hey we've waited more than 2 decades for a re-release so what's a few more weeks especially if it'll shave 70 dollars off the price-tag?)  I'm all over this Holy Grail item and I cannot believe this is a reality...(my thinking is it he can be remade, what is stopping Scorponok, Trypticon, the Terrordrome, the USS Flagg???)   Hey, he IS a headmaster too so maybe we'll get a shot at scoring some more of those great figures as well?  Well, beyond that great news, commemorative Soundwave with laserbeak and ravage is available now for 59.99 and Optimus Prime is available for 69.99. I'm thinking about both since I only have the encore Soundblaster for now and Soundwave is one of my faves. 

Also, if your interested in the Masterpiece Soundwave who still is on preorder, Takara wasted no time at all getting two sets of masterpiece cassettes out including Ravage and Rumble along with Buzzsaw and Frenzy Blue (show accurate) Rumble with amazing articulation and range of movement! All the better to fill the cassette deck that can hold three stong, I'm hearing.  I can only guess that Masterpiece Blaster isn't too far away now since we've unlocked the gates of players and cassettes.  Btw, theres a new black Convoy Optimus Prime editon on its way in March as well.  Frick'n sweet to see so much G1 love!



  1. Is transformerkingdom reputable? Are their labels good? I like reprolabels.com, but their kind of slow. I tried to look up transformerkingdom and couldn't find their site.

    As far as all of the Takara G1 overload coming our way, I say bring it on!

    1. tfkingdom.com is the url. They aren't the best by any means...quality in some cases is passable and sometimes the lines aren't cut perfect but for 2 bucks a sheet, I'm not complaining...I got a set of repros from them for my Scattershot and Jetfire and they were right on the money. Reprolabels are the way to go for quality hands down...I'm saving some spare money to upgrade my Metroplex with those beautiful customs they have.

  2. WOW! That Sounwave is cool...but I really love the Rumble with the Piledriver arms! That figure alone is worth it...though I wish he was blue like the cartoon.

    1. weird I always thought Rumble was a purplish/blue con but apparently the japanese version is red and frenzy if blue swapping the colors...I'm still not 100%

    2. oops...the other picture didn't load right away....didn't see the blue rumble. That Soundwave with the cassettes may be an addition I have to have. now that my son is watching the old g1 show I'm finding myself liking the transformers more and more.


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