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Monday, August 4, 2014

League Assignment: CONtemplation


SDCC 2014 is a wrap. What peaked your interest most this year? What was a disappointment?

Hello LoEB'ers!  I'm long out of the loop but have been steadily getting back into the swing of thing this past month.  With re-admission to the blog-roll pool, I feel it would only be pertinent to resume weekly posts to the League.  

SDCC...Some major good news in quite a few areas, namely in Transformers and Star Wars.

I've been getting back into Transformers modern Voyager, 30th and Generations stuff and the bar none biggest news was the reveal of the combiners slated for 2015.

That's right; Superior and Menasor with a beautiful set of Arialbots and Stunticons.  Headsculpts are amazing, tight paint, great looking articulation to match anything from the third parties and I absolutely cannot wait to have these monsters up on display!  There really wasn't any disappointing news from their camp.  Plus One, Hasbro!

In the world of Star Wars, there was some pretty cool showings from the 6 inch black series with a first look at a 6 inch Wampa and Luke encounter and a 6 inch Tauntaun (awesome!) with Hoth Han and TIE Fighter pilot.  Cannot wait for the Emperor and Royal Guard or Death Star Gunner. The 6 inch black series just really impresses me and I really like the direction they are taking now that there looks to be some nice variety on the way.   Not that thrilled with the essential repacks of "Han in Stormtrooper disguise" and repaint non-canon "Shadow Squadron" or how Hasbro handled the pullback of the super huge 18 figure wave by replacing it with (in their words) "Something else."  Boo.  


Bummer in general is how long we will have to wait especially myself who lives in a toy vortex where my Walmart doesn't stock toys, my Toys R Us is half Babies R Us and thus never changes their stock and my Target seems to be a month behind the curve.  Oi.

Plus Good: Finally We are seeing a great rendition of Marty McFly with the Delorian.

Bad:  He's hellishly expensive.

Those were my highlights...Also...LOOOOOVED the new Mad Max Trailer.

How about you?

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