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Monday, April 29, 2013

League Assignment: HATED IT!

Hmmm...I really had to think about crazes, toys and pop culture to think about the stuff I didn't like to think about as a child.  As with most things, I always kinda came around to give everything at least a chance but there were some things that just never got a pass with me.

someone enjoyed this enough to make a movie, eh?

1.  Garbage Pail Kids.  The stuff out of nightmares and not the good kind you have fun talking about the next day or drawing in art class.  These abominations were just awful in every respect.  I hated the art style, the stupid, gross out humor and the unfunny write-ups along with the possibly most offensive and vile movie ever made that I would choose kidney stones over. I know the point was to be icky and I dug the whole slime craze and the Dr. Dreadful/Creepy Crawlers angle but there was absoltuley no redeemable quality in these things nor did I like the Cabbage Patch Kids they were supposed to not-so-covertly lampoon.

STDs are easier to get rid of than these things.

2. Pogs.  I thought these were a waste of money even as a 12 year old and this was from a kid who liked the "Food Fighters" and "Barnyard Commandos".  Really cheesy, unoriginal stock art? Check. No place to put them? Check.  No one who cares after a week? Check.

Fetching prices of 5 whole dollars a figure today, how wouldn't feel good about collecting these things???

3. Starting Lineup.  I bought a few of these guys to try to convince myself that I gave a shit about sports which I didn't.  They didn't do anything.  Barely articulation.  Generic faces.  The only "toy" the cool kids would be seen with...Kenner, how could you??? Whatever. Go to hell, Starting Lineup. 

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