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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Truth and Consequences: Not just a town in New Mexico

We, as a people are embedded in false sense of choice. There is the illusion of possibility. But, even taking a basic observation will show a general uniformity to the options we are presented. There is a right to voice dissent or access to “alternative” information however access and empowerment are very different. The ability to speak one’s mind is allowed to a degree but there are absolute consequences that will follow. Various acts of legislation have been implemented to keep strict constraints on the ability to speak, print and assemble as well as to limit basic seemingly guaranteed fundamental and constitutional rights. These included the Smith Act, the Alien and Sedition Act, the USA Patriot Act, the USTIPS ACT, the Internal Security Act, the Subversive Activities Control Board, COINTELPRO as well as the House Un-American Activities Commission and the FISA domestic surveillance bill. Should you subvert from increasingly narrowing standards for acceptable conduct in the United States, these programs exist to make sure you are discovered, dealt with and punished accordingly.
We are run by an inescapable set of truth and consequence. The closer to uncovering the truth one is, the more one is inspired to act but there lies the path to consequence. Every choice is bathed in consequence but the American way is steeped in disregard of any consequence or recollection of previous ones. What causes this “American amnesia?” Where are these “freedoms” we are told exist? What Americans are free to do is unwittingly nod their head in approval of the actions of their government’s choices which was inevitable from the start. This is to do the bidding of their masters in the elite enclaves of our society. These elites have bought, stolen and killed their way into positions of utmost power. This false choice exists in the legislators we elect, the laws we approve, the restrictions we unwittingly impose upon our selves which is the will of the authoritarian state tightening its’ grip.
America is flooded with a false sense of patriotism and freedom unified by blurry, untrue links. Randolph Bourne called this “The Health of the State.” This meant the desire of nation-states to create a newfound, unnatural patriotism. This goes against, natural love of home or origin. It wasn’t about the love of your country but, instead, the anti-love of foreign states. These links range mainly in a structured system of mis-education that is dictated to our youth at its most impressionable age and continues into adulthood. If you follow “ABC” you will get “XYZ.” Do not divert or things will go wrong and you will be to blame. This has traditionally been the accepted mantra, even though more and more people who followed the straight and narrow are finding the “American Dream” is not coming true and their just dues are not being paid even in partial. More and more people are finding its not just hippies, addicts and people who choose to live below the standards who aren’t getting the slice of the American dream but now the working-class “everyman.” Because of this, they are confused, angry and increasingly desperate. This creates a perfect mix of emotions to, yet again, have a frantic population to manipulate as the leaders see fit. What is there that can be gained from this? A massive amount of seemingly limitless wealth coinciding with uncontrollable greed to possess it while the rest of us scramble for the leftover scraps.
Multinational corporations have been an American institution since the first notion existed of creating monopolies and trusts. Your classic fiscal libertarian will vehemently defend these concepts saying the ability to do business as one sees fit is just as American as the ability to vote, earn a living, or join the army. However, a glaring contradiction is evident when one specific thing such as a corporation’s ability to exist and thus possess limitless power, wealth and influence setting it as a power outside our elected democratic republic’s said principles which can potentially destroy millions of citizens abilities to live. Through a painstakingly controlled set of laws, jargon and technicality, they have hijacked every major part of the citizenry making it virtually impossible to live by the rules of American standard and be comfortable.
In history classes, students often hear of the fourteenth amendment as a revolutionary victory in civil rights. Being the middle of the three “slave” amendments, its main purpose (of so it is said) was to allow black people officially into American society and the legal system. However, one lesser emphasized facet is that it also gave legal autonomy and representation of corporate entities even dating back to 1868. While merely a dozen or so cases were taken to the Supreme Court in regard to guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote, get jobs, represent themselves in court or initiate civil law suits; hundreds of corporate issues were taken to the highest court in the land to set up and protect a concrete precedent in the foundation of our evolving legal and legislative systems ensuring legal protection and identity of the incorporated business sector.
Repeatedly, our nation took on paternal, neoliberal doctrines of spreading a patented and exclusive format of democracy to nations too weak or inept to enact them independently. However this obviously had ulterior motives of disassembling any specter or self-rule these “basket cases” or “banana republics” previously had while replacing them with dictatorships in the State Departments pocket through covert or overt funding. Once the modern day caudillos were in place, they were indebted and vigorously compensated American industrial and agricultural interests by opening up whole nations wide arrays of indigenous resources. The third world was thus, ripe for the plucking. Simultaneously, as the GNP’s of these nations skyrocketed (an illusion of the sacred right-leaning “invisible hand” doing what it does best because American GNP means profit so it apparently must be the same everywhere else) their quality of health dropped to horrific levels with death rates paralleling the medieval era. Since these people are (economically or forcefully, as a result of the American sponsored regime change), terrorized, in desperation, they flee to America. Ironically, many underemployed neighbors in the western hemisphere are forced to leave because American companies set up Maquiladoras (cheap extra-national factories which are set up to explicitly dodge American safety, health and environmental regulations) which employ very little domestic workers (since they tend to import guest workers) and pay them even less. They then come to America to work for these same companies within the continental U.S., usually working under the table, still below the American federally mandated standard for pay. This human economic backwater, with major aid of “conservative” and “liberal” media, thus is then targeted by the working class here as the major enemy and cause for their shrinking wages and evaporating jobs. Not only do the companies responsible get away scot-free but they receive tax cuts for employing the legal portion of these depressed immigrants. This is not happening in the third world, this is not happening in some God-less communist nation, this is happening here.
So what is our solution? Of course, the obvious one. Send troops to the U.S./Mexico border as Obama is doing (at the insistence of republican and democratic political leaders alike) to “fight” the immigration problem! Just like sending DEA agents and police to “fight” the drug problem. Just like we raped and pillaged the airline industry to “fight” the homeland security problem! And look at all the progress! Wait…drugs are still everywhere, bomb scares haven’t decreased and, seemingly, no matter how many border guards you station, the immigration problem is not going away. This is all part, again, of a systematic brainwash of the American psyche by programming us; a soldier with a gun can fix just about anything. Even though the last time that was true most of our parents weren’t even alive. The structure and dependence on the police state is another one of the long cons both sides of our government have been shoving down our throats, even though a chart I saw yesterday showed alarming statistics of over 300 botched paramilitary (SWAT) police raids over the last 20 years across America on the homes of innocent people due to false tips and bad or lazy intelligence. Even though the facts are plain as day and prove you could live on the straight and narrow all your life but still, some day, may have your door blown off and a MP-5 jammed in your face for no reason; people still are fervently in favor of supporting strong-armed divisions of our police. Remember how the Philadelphia Police handled the MOVE siege in ’85? That’s right, they burned down 65 homes in West Philly when they dropped a bomb from a helicopter on the home with no warning while the fire department watched the flames burn down building after building.
Apathy was a major goal of the elites in control of media exposure. They flood the public with horrible extraneous news to raise the appearance of danger and war to whet the masses collective appetites for bloody action while they are inundated with an uncontrollable sense of hysteria and hopelessness. In a state of hysteria, man is capable of anything sans the ability to use rationality. Buying and Destroying are very similar for in order to buy, not only does it come at the cost of destroying something for the product to come we also destroy a part of our individual self. Kinda “new agey” but I don’t care. Check out this video if you have time about how much our business masters depend on Americans thinking disposability is just as normal as innovation, creativity and fireworks on the fourth of July. From the point we recognize words, we are trained to follow orders, attend a very narrow format of education, work away our lives at menial jobs in order to make money to buy an unending list shit we don’t need. All the while, we are disregarding our families, faiths, self-worth and surroundings. Not only that, but we are conditioned to react to those who do not follow this model with at the least ridicule and at most violent hostility. This is all done because through this, we are told, we can create an image for our self. The only way this can be done is through collecting apparel in a method of buying all that we can which can exclaim our identity with certainty. Candidates in politics are exactly the same.
Those with the interest to become a person of influence or, better yet, control of person of influence needs little more than the funds necessary to achieve it. The hand of the market stops nowhere and this ranges from the top to the bottom and controls each level in that order. It was no coincidence that George Washington and his contemporaries were the absolute elite of the colonies. Washington was possibly the richest man in America. A phrase to be looked at is, “We the people,” for it is little more than rhetoric of universality to rope in everyone who was below the fathers of the nation which was almost everyone outside the doors of the Philadelphia Hall where the document which contained it was written.
The constitution did little more than set up exclusionary sets of rules to pretty much ensure that only connected, educated and rich men would be able to hold “office,” the uniquely American term for bourgeoisie or gentry class. The Bill of Rights was pretty much addendums to get the middle class behind the constitutional exclusionary principles that, under any other circumstance, they never would have supported. Anyhow, the bill of rights was being trampled on within ten years of its conception when Alexander Hamilton violated countless constitutional guidelines and tried to ferment an open rebellion secretly so he could have a reason to use the continental army against frontiersmen in western Pennsylvania as a warning of the American government’s unflinching willingness to use force under any challenge to its autonomous superiority. This case was one of the first among many which followed showing the leaders’ enthusiasm to unleash force to obtain the capital, influence, territory and obedience they desired.
The question which arises is how committed to constitutional protections are our leaders if the same judgment repeatedly gets passed down to the population that the constitution is not a war-time document? Well, we have been at war pretty much since our creation as a country so was the constitution ever valid? Especially when one considers, civil protections to our ability to own firearms, restrictions on the quartering of troops and judicial protections are all things which should come up regularly in a time of war.
There is no sector of the globe where American or American-supported influence through military force has not touched. However among the powerful who control the mainstream media and the educational systems through “standards” very little awareness is present among the citizenry. The insistence and demand for focusing on the immediate unconnected personal placement in time has grown to an insane measure. The people have no way to even know how to want anything different due to unceasing conditioning from authority figures in school, at work, in church and from Washington. You’ll live a lot more contented when you realize: There is no partisanship; it’s all the same show where the parties alternate center stage between the acts.

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