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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hasbro, you did it again....

I read the news today, oh boy....

Just saw on KG's Vintage Collection page as per the source Flyguy.com's page, if you are looking to purchase the last wave of the soon to be "indefinitely discontinued" Vintage Collection figures (Weequay, Nien Numb, Lumat, Royal Guard, Prune Face...and a bunch of prequel b.s.)  you better get out your credit card and be ready to buy an entire wave all at once.  More after the jump.

That's right!  Hasbro, in their metaphorical giant middle finger to their adult customers, decided that all the figures you saw in their lineup for the final vintage waves will not be released to retailers!  You need to buy them all on-line only! Gotta make way for the sea of clone wars crap to stagnate the shelves for 2013. 

This on top of shilling us for the Target three packs with figures included we already have, your ridiculous SDCC "exclusive" set, and  K-Mart exclusives (which is just hilarious that K-Mart gets anything), you solidified my previously spoken sentiments that you truly do hate your fans!   Can't wait to shuck 20 bucks a figure to some piece of garbage scalper down the line!

Scalpers. I hate these guys

We certainly need a release of this amazingly realistic and poignant character!
(Why was this scene even in the movie?  Space diner? "Ohhh,  those are cloners"
What???? Granted, he will probably be the focal point of the Clone Wars 3D display...
whatever, after this last wave I'm done.


  1. Seriously? I don't think Hasbro has ever gone Matty Collector like that before. I quit collecting Star Wars around the time the Phantom Menace came out, but was thinking about starting again when I saw the Vintage figures. The articulation is so much better. Glad I didn't start.

    1. Thats the real shame because it was entirely the Vintage Collection which made me get back into toy collecting. I thought this was my second chance to collect the line I missed out on as a kid...No sooner did 3 months pass then VC figs just started disappearing.


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