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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

League Assignment: Bring it Back!

Hmmm. modern reboot? I thought about this a few separate times this week and kept hitting a wall.  80's properties and even those of the 90's have a certain flavor and feel to them that can't be duplicated...the decade they were imagined in is just a strong theme in their execution as the show's characters and plots.   I wondered if something like Visionaries or Inhumanoids could be rekindled today, how successful could they be?   I kept running into a "Poochie effect" thinking these things taken into a contemporary setting with "modern" vernacular would be more unbearable than anything.   Take something today like Regular Show or Adventure Time and those plots, scripts and characters work because they are aware of the time they exist in and are certainly products of the 21st century.  
Arab Spring hit early at the Twin Pines Mall

Very rarely do reboots work in my mind and more often than not I feel these things strive to impossibly achieve a paradox by appealing to a new, young audience raised on smartphones, Obamacare and Gangam Style and still trying to hit the nostalgia mark for the 30 something, disposable income, toy buying demographic raised on WWF, Just Say No, and Peter Jennings.   You can't really hit a reboot on the head like that...Take the 2012 Ninja Turtles...I really like some of the directions they took the series but correct me if I'm wrong that every time you hear Raph talk you think "Why is Donatello's voice coming out of him?"  or when you saw Baxter Stockman, you were thinking..."so is he EVER going to turn into a fly?" or "what is with the mech suit" (honestly, who doesn't have mech suits anymore?) Christ, think of if they did this with Back to the Future! It would never work now.  2015 is 2 years away...do we even have a far off optimistic view of any future in our modern sense of time?  Who really cares what 2055 would look like?  Does anyone think its going to be anything worth looking forward to at all besides insane inflation, mass unemployment, more war and bankruptcy?  Probably a lot less people than those watching BTF2 in 1989.  Oi.

so...much...wrongness, I wanted a ninja turltle badguy not a character from Shadow Complex.

So what old property would I like to see with a 2013 spin?
Like the intro to the movie...as a series...that never stopped ruling.

Original G.I. Joe (series with look and feel of the pre 1990 episodes)... with the ridiculous plots, awesome characters and vehicles and terrific voice acting.  Something like Resolute without the obligatory Japanime feel to it (and without Dial Tone being a 20 something girl) and the Bad Dudes version of Ronnie Reagan being the commander-in-chief.

Robocop...live action, animated, it don't matter.  With some really triple A production muscle behind it, Delta City would never be so relevant, I'd buy that for a dollar!  Plus a modern Robocop tie-in video game would always be nice.

Surf Nazis Must Die or the the Toxic Avenger...If there's one thing Hobo with a Shotgun or Dead Snow taught me, it is that campy, super violent, trash film really goes underserved to a film watching population very hungry for it.  The thing is, as jaded and "super cool" audiences think they are, those movies have stuff in them that make ratings boards and focus groups still squirm in their chairs.  I say MORE heads run over by cars.

Bucky O'Hare - cuz we don't have nearly enough high-quality anthropomorphized space rabbits and quad-armed ducks on the airwaves! Speaking of ducks...

Count-God-damned-Duckula! Chocky-Bickies...need I say more???

InfiniteHollywoodTime - Exo Squad (very much agree!)
Cool & Collected - Buck Rogers
AEIOU&WHY - Land of the Lost

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